MariaDB MaxScale 2.1

  • MariaDB MaxScale is licensed under MariaDB BSL 1.1.
  • Hierarchical configuration files are now supported.
  • Logging is now performed in a way compatible with logrotate(8).
  • Persistent connections are reset upon resuse.
  • Galera monitor now consistently chooses the same node as master.
  • Galera Monitor can set the preferred donor nodes list.
  • The configuration can now be altered dynamically and the changes are persisted.
  • There is now a monitor for Amazon Aurora clusters.
  • MySQL Monitor now has a multi-master mode.
  • MySQL Monitor now has a failover mode.
  • Named Server Filter now supports wildcards for source option.
  • Binlog Server can now be configured to encrypt binlog files.
  • New filters, cache, ccrfilter, insertstream, masking, and maxrows are introduced.
  • GSSAPI based authentication can be used
  • Prepared statements are now in the database firewall filtered exactly like non-prepared statements.
  • The firewall filter can now filter based on function usage.
  • MaxScale now supports IPv6

For more details, please refer to: MariaDB MaxScale 2.1.2 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 2.1.1 Release Notes * MariaDB MaxScale 2.1.0 Release Notes

MariaDB MaxScale 2.0

  • MariaDB MaxScale is licensed under MariaDB BSL.
  • SSL can be used in the communication between MariaDB MaxScale and the backend servers.
  • The number of allowed connections can explicitly be throttled.
  • MariaDB MaxScale can continue serving read request even if the master has gone down.
  • The security of MaxAdmin has been improved; Unix domain sockets can be used in the communication with MariaDB MaxScale and the Linux identity can be used for authorization.
  • MariaDB MaxScale can in real time make binlog events available as raw AVRO or as JSON objects (beta level functionality).

For more details, please refer to: MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.5 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.4 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.3 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.2 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.1 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 2.0.0 Release Notes

MariaDB MaxScale 1.4

  • Authentication now allows table level resolution of grants. MaxScale service users will now need SELECT privileges on mysql.tables_priv to be able to authenticate users at the database and table level.
  • Firewall filter allows whitelisting.
  • Client side SSL works.

For more details, please refer to MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.3 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.2 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.1 Release Notes MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.0 Release Notes.

MariaDB MaxScale 1.3

  • Added support for persistent backend connections
  • The binlog server is now an integral component of MariaDB MaxScale.
  • The logging has been changed; instead of different log files there is one log file and different message priorities.

For more details, please refer to MariaDB MaxScale 1.3 Release Notes

MariaDB MaxScale 1.2

  • Logfiles have been renamed. The log names are now named error.log, messages.log, trace.log and debug.log.

MariaDB MaxScale 1.1.1

  • Schemarouter now also allows for an upper limit to session commands.
  • Schemarouter correctly handles SHOW DATABASES responses that span multiple buffers.
  • Readwritesplit and Schemarouter now allow disabling of the session command history.

MariaDB MaxScale 1.1

NOTE: MariaDB MaxScale default installation directory has changed to /usr/local/mariadb-maxscale and the default password for MaxAdmin is now ┬┤mariadb┬┤.

  • New modules added
    • Binlog router
    • Firewall filter
    • Multi-Master monitor
    • RabbitMQ logging filter
    • Schema Sharding router
  • Added option to use high precision timestamps in logging.
  • Readwritesplit router now returns the master server's response.
  • New readwritesplit router option added. It is now possible to control the amount of memory readwritesplit sessions will consume by limiting the amount of session modifying statements they can execute.
  • Minimum required CMake version is now 2.8.12 for package building.
  • Session idle timeout added for services. More details can be found in the configuration guide.
  • Monitor API is updated to 2.0.0. Monitors with earlier versions of the API no longer work with this version of MariaDB MaxScale.
  • MariaDB MaxScale now requires libcurl and libcurl development headers.
  • Nagios plugins added.
  • Notification service added.
  • Readconnrouter has a new "running" router_option. This allows it to use any running server as a valid backend server.
  • Database names can be stripped of escape characters with the strip_db_esc service parameter.